There are 3 things that the best companies always do better than their competitors:

  • They find new customers faster.
  • They lose fewer customers.
  • They win more business from existing customers.

Alan Fairweather’s programmes are designed to ensure your business achieves in these critical areas of success. They will be tailor-made to meet the needs of your particular business and your people.


After training as an engineer with Barr and Stroud, Alan moved into a sales career with Russell Hobbs, Eutectic Welding, Loctite UK, George Boyd, and Carlsberg Tetley.

Alan held positions such as Sales Engineer, Regional Manager, Training Manager, and General Sales Manager. A total of twenty-seven years was spent in sales and management.

Alan believes passionately in the need for personal communication skills training whether to deal with a customer, colleague or member of staff. There is normally insufficient focus on these skills as there is a general belief that product knowledge, business skills and an adherence to policies and procedures will produce business success.

He believes that it has become increasingly important for organisations to improve interactions with their internal and external customers so ensuring a competitive advantage.

Developing skills in, Leadership, Sales and Motivation requires a change in mindset. This is more likely to occur successfully when participants are relaxed, non-threatened and enjoy the event. Alan will ensure this happens.

Alan’s strengths as a Speaker and Seminar Leader lie in his depth of knowledge across business sectors coupled with energy, enthusiasm and sensitivity to participant needs. He is also conscious of the need to satisfy the client organisation’s business objectives.

If you have any questions on:

  • How to generate more sales and find  new customers for your business
  • How to hold onto existing customers and have them spend more
  • How to motivate yourself and other people
  • How to deal with difficult situations
  • How to be a better Public Speaker
  • How to make an impact on other people

Then please - Get in Touch.

For a FREE evaluation of how these programmes can help your business, to book workshops or to find out the dates of our next open programmes, Alan will reply to your emails.

You can also check Alan’s availability in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia,and Vietnam.

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“Alan is the Master of Motivation. He makes it all seem so simple and explains how it genuinely is! He draws from his own experiences to help us get the best from our people.”

Neil McRobb - Managing Director, McRobb Display


“Your session sent everyone home on a high”

Lekha Klouda – Director, Association of Charity Shops


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